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We help your institution or program boost its holistic admissions aims without disrupting your existing admissions process

How? We deliver all insights using the applicant data you have already collected.


Outcome Analysis*

We produce custom, highly accurate Machine Learning (ML) models to make key predictions about your applicants.

Admissions Likelihood
Admissions predictions can help you prioritize file reviews and speed up your decision-making process.

Second Look
Second Look identifies applicants who may be short of historical acceptance criteria but our models believe should receive a closer review. 

Student Outcome
Outcome analyses provide longer-term predictions, such as likelihood of program completion or licensure achievement.

Essay/Interview Analysis*

Our heavily validated Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques produce reliable trait and skills measures to help you identify best-fit applicants. 

Non-Cognitive Traits
From positive attitude to conscientiousness, access dozens of key personality, social, behavioral, and other key traits. 

Performance Skills
From leadership to analytical thinking, see the eight key skills identified by researchers to be predictors of academic and workplace success.

Cohort Trends
Understand the unique dynamics, commonalities, and trends of your cohorts through dozens of traits and how they correlate with outcomes.

*Patents Pending

Video: Demystifying AI and Its Role in Admissions

Dr. Emily Campion, PhD and CTO Will Rose attended the 2023 GMAC Annual Conference and spoke about AI's growing role in higher ed admissions.

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Backed by science and research

Beyond our talented team of data scientists, we also work with leading researchers in the fields of I/O psychology, talent selection, and social psychology to develop our innovations and to validate the efficacy of our products.

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“Student Select AI’s results have shown that its admissions predictions technology is as accurate or better than the humans who currently make selection decisions, such as admissions advisors. In addition, Student Select AI can accurately measure traits and skills that are important and useful variables for admission selectors to evaluate. This includes attributes that research has shown to correlate with academic and workplace performance, including non-cognitive traits, personality measures, and skills.”

Michael A. Campion
Michael A. Campion, PhD
The Herman C. Krannert Distiguished Professor of Management,
Purdue University
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Our Process


We partner with your program to understand your available applicant data and admissions process.


We build customized, highly reliable machine learning models to predict outcomes, such as the likelihood of admissions (so you can prioritize file reviews), as well as other key outcomes, including program completion, and licensure achievement.


We analyze applicant essays, personal statements, and/or transcribed interview data to provide dozens of personality insights, skills, and other non-cognitive traits that paint a more complete picture about each of your applicants.


We deliver trends and big picture insights that illustrate commonalities and metric correlations within your program and individual cohorts.

Awards & Accolades for Our Technology

2020-2021 The Clouds Award Winner
2020 Stevie Bronze Winner
2020 The SaaS Awards Finalist

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