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Get deeper insights about your applicants and make more informed admission decisions.

Student Select provides your program with AI-POWERED insights about your applicants so you can tackle today's biggest admissions challenges

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Improve diversity and inclusion

We’ll provide you with new measures beyond test scores to help you identify quality candidates from underrepresented groups.
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Accelerate admissions decisions

With near-immediate results, you’ll be able to identify top applicants from your cohort in a fraction of the time.
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Uncover Potential

Discover applicants with real potential to find success as students in your program.

We’ve Partnered with Top University Programs From Across the Country to Test, Validate, and Refine Our AI Technology

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Nursing Programs
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Physical Therapy Programs
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Physician Assistant Programs
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Business Schools
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Law Schools

How It Works

We partner with your program to understand your available applicant data and your admissions process.
We customize a solution that best suits your program’s needs and goals.
We deliver insightful information about your applicants to help you accelerate and improve your admission process.

Core Benefits

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Dramatically improve the efficiency of your admissions process and identify top applicants immediately.
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Improve admissions decision with additional -- and previously unavailable -- insights about each applicant.
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Decrease unintended human bias in application decisions.
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Identify likely successful applicants who might otherwise not be considered.
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Gain insights and identify key traits for both accepted and declined groups.

Third-party Validation

We work with leading academic researchers in the fields of I/O psychology and human selection to verify the efficacy of our AI technology, including the accuracy of our applicant insights.

Michael A. Campion
Michael A. Campion
Lead third-party evaluator
Distinguished Professor,
Purdue University

Awards & Accolades for Our Technology

2020-2021 The Clouds Award Winner
2020 Stevie Bronze Winner
Gartner Cool Vendor
2020 The SaaS Awards Finalist

Making Connections

Student Select proudly partners with professional associations in the higher education space, including:

The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), a professional association of 11,000 higher education professionals representing 2,6000 institutions in more than 40 countries.

The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), a national organization that is dedicated to the advancement of graduate education and research as well as a voice for the graduate dean community. Student Select is a member of the CGS Sustaining Membership Network.

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