What Majors Are Best Fit for a Strong Leadership Personality?

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Social personality types are natural-born leaders who are responsible and supportive. Across every industry, effective leaders ensure success. Someone with a strong leadership personality may see themselves managing a big firm, overseeing an entire department, or even running their own business. 

Someone with this personality type may pursue a business administration, marketing, or education degree.

Leadership in Business Administration

Whether launching a startup or becoming a CEO position, a Business Administration degree can enrich overall knowledge of the workings of a business. 

Running a business entails determining how to delegate responsibilities, deal with interpersonal conflicts, handle unexpected problems, and develop a vision for the company. Business administration leadership is a necessary ingredient for overcoming challenges and success. 

At the highest levels, the influence of a leader can resonate throughout an organization, motivate teammates, and provide them with a purpose and direction. Good leadership can help to establish company culture and the developmental direction of an organization. 

Examples of great business leaders are Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, and other historical examples.

Leadership in Marketing

In marketing, leadership has a crucial role that involves company visibility and outreach. A marketing leader helps plan out a new marketing strategy, aligning the goals and establishing the key metrics that measure success rate. 

Someone with a strong leadership personality will keep all the moving parts organized and cohesive. Additionally, they can pull together analytics reports and display the value or shortcomings of a marketing strategy when needed. 

Leadership in Education

Describing a great leader isn’t far off from describing an excellent educator. As role models to children, teachers are the backbone of society. Education leaders are the center of a community, driving student, teacher, school, and even district-wide success. 

Leadership in teaching shapes and solidifies significant educational change. A few characteristics of a leader in teaching include

Teacher leadership also looks like advocating for their school and the needs of students, leading a professional association, serving as a mentor, coach, or peer assistant, monitoring improvement efforts, participating in meetings, and engaging parent and community participation. 

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A few majors best fit for someone with a strong leadership personality include business administration, marketing, and education.


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